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Alfresco 5.0.1 plus Solr4 Upgrade Issue

Go to the site and get beste online casino here. at our casino. Limited supply! With Alfresco 5 comes an upgraded version of Solr (v4). This is a BIG deal. Alfresco 4.x only supports the Alfresco Solr distribution which housed an older version of Solr, v1.4. To put this in perspective, Solr’s current stable build is version 5.2.1. We’re excited to employ all the new features of Solr with some of our clients! While upgrading Alfresco and migrating to Solr 4 we did run into …Read More

Alfresco Records Management Custom Metadata

Adding custom metadata to a record can seem like a daunting task, but once you have a good grasp on some RM basics, it’s easily achievable. This tutorial is going to focus on adding custom record data to the dod5015 records management site. This was tested with Alfresco Records Management version 2.2. Here is an outline of the steps we’ll be taking to make this happen: 1. Create a model …Read More